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Authentique Rosé

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A delicious Rosé, a mix of 67 % Chardonnay (including 5% aged in oak barrels), 16 % Pinot Noir, 17 % Pinot Noir (red wine). Aged and raised under cork during 4 years.


Following the Champagne tradition of the past centuries, the Authentique cuvée has grown and been raised under cork for many years. This particular breeding favors the micro-oxygenation of the wine and develops the power and the finesse of its aromas. This "cork-staple" sealing technique requires manual work; especially during the disgorgement.

Tasting notes

The Champagne displays a fluid and shiny raspberry pink colour, with orange-pink highlights and a lively steam of refined bubbles. It suggests both freshness and full of nuances.

The first nose reveals toasty notes with scents of raspberry, strawberry, liquorice, almond. When aerated it evolves towards aromas of blackcurrant, redcurrant, blood orange, pomelo, rose, peach, marzipan, peppermint, wet chalk.

The approach in the palate is supple and fresh with a creamy effervescence. The Champagne develops pulpy and velvety matter well sustained by a fresh acidity reminding those of pomelo. The middle mouth is orchestrated by chalky minerality, enhances fruity freshness and vinous coating. The finish is full and savory, with a charmer tactile feel and minty aromas that prolongs enjoyment and invites to share.

Food pairings

Salmon sashimi and Timut pepper, Cod in parchment, tomato pulp, basil and coriander, Sardines rillettes and sweet chorizo, Cherry tomatoes, fresh cheese, Carpaccio of beef and Timut pepper, Coppa of Bellota pata negra ham, Salad with foie gras and breast of duck, Grilled lamb chops and vegetable gratin, Rack of lamb marinated in fresh herbs,...

Technical data


 51% Chardonnay (including 8% aged in oak)
29% Pinot Noir
20% Pinot Noir (Red wine)
including 36% reserve wine
Alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tank
Malolactic fermentation incomplete


Bottling in June 2015 of 9 121 bottles

3 years with a cork

Brut 6g/l

Ratings & Medals

 Wine Enthusiast 91/100
 Gault & Millau 2018 15/20